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  1. Starting off I'd like to say, don't spam the mods, I know waiting on support sucks trust me, I waited for a week or 3 when the support was vacationing, they will respond eventually there's just a lot of tickets Aside from that, I bought the valorant deluxe (discontinued cause yamatos got detected a lot I'm guessing) which would get me banned fast, now at first I didn't trust invision since that happened, but seeing as they now make their own cheat, and based off the footage I've seen of my friends playing for weeks without getting banned, I would vouch for it, however, I bought the lifetime deluxe AND spoofer, now the spoofer works great, even when I may or may not have ratted someone last year who had the spoofer, it still worked even for them, I just used it this week and it still works The main issue I have is now that they stopped reselling yamatos they now made me have to pay to switch my deluxe subscription to a premium one for 30$, which sucks TL:DR Don't spam support I did it, it gets you nowhere, be patient Bought a spoofer n cheat, the cheat was kinda shit, but their new custom one is really good, and their spoofer is superb however I think its bugged rn since it wont show my hwid or serial changed, yet I still dont get banned after using it I also have to pay a fee to get what I paid for but with a different loader since they switcher cheats (again this sucks) DM me on discord if you wanna see me playing without getting banned using their cheat Lame#3594
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