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  1. Im on an ASUS FX505 GT 2019 model (Gaming asus laptop) no other spoofers work and atlas and most other like fivesense are scams, invision is always working for me though, hit me on discord for proof im human lol doubleudom#3594
  2. I bought the spoofer and it worked well for many months
  3. Starting off I'd like to say, don't spam the mods, I know waiting on support sucks trust me, I waited for a week or 3 when the support was vacationing, they will respond eventually there's just a lot of tickets Aside from that, I bought the valorant deluxe (discontinued cause yamatos got detected a lot I'm guessing) which would get me banned fast, now at first I didn't trust invision since that happened, but seeing as they now make their own cheat, and based off the footage I've seen of my friends playing for weeks without getting banned, I would vouch for it, however, I bought the lifetime deluxe AND spoofer, now the spoofer works great, even when I may or may not have ratted someone last year who had the spoofer, it still worked even for them, I just used it this week and it still works The main issue I have is now that they stopped reselling yamatos they now made me have to pay to switch my deluxe subscription to a premium one for 30$, which sucks TL:DR Don't spam support I did it, it gets you nowhere, be patient Bought a spoofer n cheat, the cheat was kinda shit, but their new custom one is really good, and their spoofer is superb however I think its bugged rn since it wont show my hwid or serial changed, yet I still dont get banned after using it I also have to pay a fee to get what I paid for but with a different loader since they switcher cheats (again this sucks) DM me on discord if you wanna see me playing without getting banned using their cheat Lame#3594
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