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  6. Everything works amazing, check this vid for tpm bypass its really insane:
  7. Easy injection, easy to use, strong aimbot maybe a bit too strong but its ok
  8. I¨ve used both of these cheats now and the XOR has a easier injection method, as well as just being more simple to use. It always works. Premium also works but can face issue at times, for example random crashing or loader issues. XOR has better menu as well. great products to be fair though
  9. Nice hacks man, 7th game now without any ban
  10. ESP is 9.5/10 meanwhile aimbot is probably 6-7/10. Even though i set these ratings i will set the XOR as possibly the best valo cheat out there, there are not many valo cheats out because its so hard to make them.
  11. Spoofer is working flawlessly, inbuilt tpm bypass makes it even better, I tried it for valorant, have not tested for other games.
  12. 10/10, no more words needed
  13. I've been looking for a good spoofer for a long time, I bought spoofers from other developers too but nothing worked like invasion's spoofer, easy and safe to use.
  14. dosn't work, when i open cheat it cant even read my Token login spoofer dosn't work either nothing works i feel as if ive been ripped of didnt even get to try it yet. And staff wont answer me
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  20. Yessir a.mp4
  21. So I followed the the steps of the Hwid and bam unbanned. Even the point that to get unbanned from Valorant got difficult is fire.
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