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  1. Is it planned that a rcs sytem is comming to the deluxe cheat or silent aim is comming? the cheat is very nice and i would recommend it to everyone buying it The Aimbot works good. i would rate it a 9/10 The ESP is weird. The boxes are glitching behind the enemies 5/10 The glow is a 10/10 works perfectly and is very percise Over all a very nice and good cheat, as i mentioned it would be nice if a silent aim or a complete recoil control system would come to the cheat have great one
  2. To the spoofer: it works perfect, does it job. Great work by the devs The Valo Deluxe cheat: Since i bought it i never became to use it and the VIP cheat got an update in this time. I really wanna try the Cheat out but. I know the devs do have a family and other things to manage but 4 days to fix and improve it quite long isnt it? However, i just can recommend buying here its legit and the products work fine
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